At Urgent Care LA we know that health is not just about broken bones or the flu. Health is about how you feel—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Aesthetics is a large part of self-esteem and mental health, so we provide a number of medical aesthetic treatments to patients who desire them. Information on skin conditions that have a medical, and not an aesthetic origin, can be found in our Dermatology section. Our staff is comprised of well-trained and highly talented individuals of high medical training, who will oversee your procedure for the physical and health aspects as well as the aesthetic outcome. In addition, we can provide information on aesthetic procedures that often go along with other medical ailments; such as skin care for those with skin disease, scar removal for those who have undergone surgery, and other health-related cosmetic procedures. Whether your physical health is affected by your appearance or whether enhanced aesthetics would increase your self-esteem, Urgent Care LA can help you assess your situation and decide if an aesthetic procedure is right for you. Our highly-trained medical team is knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, and dedicated to providing you with information about your physical and mental health.

Urgent Care LA offers the following aesthetic medical procedures: