Your skin is unique. It is the biggest organ in your body; gives you your unique fingerprints; and holds your body together. Like any other body part, it needs to be taken care of and sometimes needs medical attention. Information on skin treatments that are non-medical and are for aesthetic purposes can be found in our Aesthetics section. At Urgent Care LA we offer many dermatology services and procedures to make sure your skin both functions properly and appears the way you want it to. Our highly-trained medical staff will provide you with world-class customer service and medical advice, as well as answer any questions you may related to dermatology or your health. We also encourage our patients to become educated about their skin and how it relates to their overall health. Our doctors, nurses, and support staff will be happy to discuss any of the procedures listed below with you, as well as any other dermatological concerns or questions you may have.

Urgent Care LA provides services and treatments related to the following dermatology issues: