From birth to adulthood, children require regular physicals to monitor their growth and overall health. In addition, many schools and sports programs require an up-to-date physical to ensure the child’s safety. Urgent Care LA’s Pediatrics department provides regular physicals for children as well as adults.

During these physicals, the child’s growth and development will be examined, and they will be checked for common childhood illnesses. Immunizations are crucial to a child’s health, and are also often required by schools, sports programs, camps, and other child groups, and can be provided by our pediatricians. Moreover, our staff can help parents remain current on recommended immunizations for their child(ren).

At Urgent Care LA, our doctors will be more than happy to schedule a physical for your child. Our Pediatrics department will monitor your child’s health, growth, and immunization records.

For adults we can run all labororotory testing for preventative screening exams including diabetes, cholesterol, anemia and many others.