Urgent Care

Urgent care is not intended for illness and injuries that may result in further disability or death if not treated immediately; for these cases, always dial 911 as soon as possible for immediate attention. Rather, urgent care is medical service for illnesses and injuries that require professional medical attention quickly, as they may develop into a bigger threat if treatment is delayed for more than 24 hours, such as headaches or the flu. Urgent Care LA specializes in the treatment of minor illness and injuries for patients of all ages. Our facility offers privacy, cleanliness, comfort, and world-class customer service. No appointments are necessary for urgent care; you have access to our highly experienced medical staff on a walk-in basis, and most patients are seen and treated within an hour. Again, if you require more immediate medical help, call 911 right away. If it is determined that you require more complex medical attention, you will be transferred to the appropriate level of care. If you are uncertain about the severity of your problem, call us here at Urgent Care LA; you will either be advised to call 911 immediately, to contact your primary care provider, or to see us here at Urgent Care LA.

Urgent Care LA offers medical services for: