“Headache” is a general term commonly used to refer to any sort of pain or tension in the head, neck, eye, or nasal area. Common headaches include sinus headaches, tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches. Most people have experienced some sort of headache at one point in their lives, and headaches rank as the most common cause of complaint among urgent care patients.

Most headaches, known as primary headaches, are self-limited and harmless and can be treated with simple painkillers such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin. Secondary headaches, however, may be signs of a more serious problem, and people with the following types of headaches should seek urgent care:

  • Sudden, severe headaches
  • Sudden headaches accompanied by a stiff neck
  • Headaches accompanied by fever, convulsions, confusion, loss of consciousness, or pain in the eye or ear
  • Headaches following a blow to the head
  • Persistent headache in a person with no previous history of headaches
  • Recurring headaches in children

At Urgent Care LA, our doctors can evaluate and treat your headache. Additionally, our urgent care doctors will assess your symptoms and headache history to determine if there may be a more serious, underlying cause for your headaches.

This is not a substitute for a professional, on-site medical diagnosis. Visit your doctor or other healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis of your condition.