A laceration is a tear in the skin, commonly known as a “cut.” Lacerations usually result from an injury. Lacerations differ from abrasions in that with a laceration, the skin is cut all the way through; with an abrasion, there is usually a piece of epidermis removed in the injury, and the cut does not go all the way through the skin (more closely resembling a “scrape”). Most minor lacerations have little to no bleeding or pain, and there should be no numbness or tingling at the laceration site. These types of lacerations do not require seeing an Urgent Care doctor, and can be treated at home by cleaning the wound and keeping it covered.

More severe lacerations require urgent care, as they may necessitate some type of sutures and/or a tetanus shot. Lacerations that are especially deep or painful, that result in excessive bleeding, or ones that reveal tendons or bones need to be treated by an urgent care doctor immediately. In the meantime, keep firm pressure on the laceration.

At Urgent Care LA, our doctors will evaluate and treat your laceration in the office. Additionally, follow-up visits for wound checks and suture removal will be schedule during the initial urgent care consultation.